Hi – this website is a bit of a catch all – I DO love history and have posted a few links to websites I have made concerning history.

The sites are all works in progress as history is the past, present and in the future additions will be made to the ongoing stories of these websites, with the exception of the Chipped Glass website. That site is just a recitation of the story and meaning behind the Everett, WA First Baptist Church chipped glass windows. (The windows are not stained glass – chipped glass is a different process.)

In addition, I do create websites and I am using portions of this one as a collection of examples of what can be included in websites for future clients:  for example, a log in page, a calendar page, and a contact form page. This website is a very simple/basic  WordPress site – mainly for those who would like to have a website where they can do their own updating and maintenance.

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History fanatics website