First Baptist Chipped Glass

History of the Chipped Glass Windows

The “chipped glass” windows in the sanctuary are the artistic creation of the Gabriel Loire Studio of Chartres, France, 1959-1961. The glass is approximately 1″ thick and is set in cement. For more information on the Gabriel Loire Studio – website. The church families paid $50 for each window. (For a list of other Washington State buildings where their work is located – click here.)


Colors in religious art:
Red is the color of blood and therefore is the liturgical color for the commemoration of martyred saints.
White is a symbol of purity, innocence and holiness.
Purple is the color for penitence and mourning. It is also the color of royalty. Green is the color of plant life, abundant in spring – the resurrection. It is used to represent the triumph of life over death and stands for the trinity.
Gray is the color of ash, so is sometimes used to represent repentance.
Brown is the color of spiritual death.
Blue, the color of the sky, is symbolic of heaven. It may also be used to symbolize truth.
Black is symbolic of death.
Yellow/gold symbolizes divine radiance, revelation, and revealed truth.

(For more information on Symbolism in Religious Art –planetgast website or Christian website)
Photos by L. Bjella, 2013

Below, you will find photographs of the chipped glass windows of the First Baptist Church in Everett, WA., with descriptions of the windows.

East Wall -Top Row (South to North)

1    2   Baptism    Wedding

1: “Go Ye and Preach” : The Great Commission: The dove is the traditional symbol of the Holy Spirit.

2: Prayer:  Open Bible and Incensor.  A book commonly represents the Word of God. An open book – truth or revelation. A censer is a container for burnt incense used in worship – represents the prayers of the faithful which drift upward like incense to God.

3. Baptism:  Water of the Jordan River.  Water symbolizes a person’s Baptism, and the need for purity.

4.  Wedding: Cross and Two Rings. The unending circle or wedding ring is a symbol of eternity with Christ as the center as represented by cross.

Praising God  6  7  Function of the Church

5. Praising God: Harp.  Ps. 71:22 I will praise you with the harp.

6. F aith: Lamb of God. The Lamb most often represents Christ.

7. Hope: Anchor. Heb. 6:19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

8. Charity: Giving to the poor. A steaming bowl & clothes.

Function of the Church   Missionary Outreach   11    Last Judgment

9. Function of the Church: Boat with open sails. The Church tossed on the sea of disbelief, worldliness, and persecution but finally reaching safe harbor with its cargo of human souls. The ark saving Noah’s family during the Flood. Jesus protecting Peters boat and the apostles on the stormy Sea of Galilee.

10. Missionary Outreach: Cross and the World. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. (Matt. 28:19)
11. Christian Education: Lamp of Learning. The lamp is most often used to represent the Word of God. It may also be used as a symbol of wisdom.

12. Last Judgment: Rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol of God’s faithfulness and of His pardon and reconciliation to the faithful. The story of Noah and the Great Flood – God placed His rainbow in the sky as a seal of His promise never to destroy the earth again with a flood. The rainbow – sometimes used in art as Christ’s throne – symbol of glory and final judgment.


13. Reward:  Crown and Cross. The crown – a symbol of royal authority – often used for Christ, the King of Kings. May also be used as a “crown of life,” the eternal reward of the faithful. Christ is represented by the cross.

East Wall – Middle Row South to North

M1 Peter   M2-Paul    M3-Andrew   M4-James

1. Peter: Keys to the Kingdom. Key – the authority of the church to forgive sin in Jesus’ name. Two keys – dual authority to open heaven to repentant sinners and to lock heaven to the unrepentant. Two keys on an upside-down cross represents St. Peter who asked that his cross be mounted upside-down because he felt unworthy to be crucified like his Lord.

2.  Paul: Sword of the Spirit. A sword is the emblem of many saints and martyrs, such as St. Paul who died by the sword. Eph. 6:17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (NIV)

3. Andrew: St. Andrew’s Cross. Brother of Simon Peter. Andrew is said to have been martyred on such a cross. Died 60 A.D.

4. James Palm Tree. Also known as James the Greater – brother of John sons of Zebedee. The palm – an early symbol of Christianity, its image often accompanied martyrs to symbolize their “victory” over earthly temptations and misery. Died in 44 AD – beheaded.

M5-John   M6-Thomas   M7-James   M8-Philip

5. John: The Communion Cup. The chalice is a symbol of Holy Communion and the forgiveness of sin won by Christ’s blood shed on the cross.

6. Thomas: Bent Lance. Thomas was murdered by spear in India.

7. James the Less: Stick, Shell, Gourd. Shepherd’s staff or walking stick carried by the apostles. Shell is symbol of baptism. Gourd – the resurrection. Son of Alphaeus. Killed in 62 AD.

8.  Philip: Cross, Fishnet, Fish. Cross and fish symbols of Christ and fishnet – gather souls.

M9-Bartholomew  M10-Matthew  M11-Simon  M12-Thaddeus

9. Bartholomew: Walking Stick and Knife. While he was preaching in Albanople, he was seized by the governor, flayed, crucified and then beheaded. Bartholomew, for some reason, was not widely used in art or stained glass. Stick represents – apostle and knife for his martyrdom.

10. Matthew: Spear and Pieces of Gold. Spear – martyrdom Gold – Pure light

11. Simon: Saw. He is also referred to as Simon the Zealot. Simon’s martyrdom is uncertain, it is thought that he was either beheaded or cut in two.

12.  Thaddeus: Club and Open Book. Also called Jude and Lebbeus and Thaddeus in the Gospel of Mark. Was the brother of James the Lesser. Wrote the book of Jude. Traveled with Simon. Tradition tells us that he was martyred by being clubbed to death.

East Wall – Bottom Row (South to North)

B1-Nativity   B2-Jesus-in-Temple   B3-Wedding-at-Cana   B4--Healing-Sick

1. Nativity: Stars and Rays. 5 pointed star is the star of Bethlehem. Shaped roughly like a human being, it represents Jesus’ incarnation. The sun is often used as a symbol for Christ, especially as a prophetic symbol.

2. Jesus in the Temple: Roll of Parchment – Teaching implement.

3. Wedding at Cana: Water and Wine – Wine is symbolic of blood and the blood is symbolic of life. The bread represents spiritual food, “I am the bread from heaven” (John 6:51), or the body of Christ. Jesus said and He is “the Word of God” (John 1:1,14).

4. Healing the Sick: The Imposition of the Hand – Christ employed this rite to restore life to the daughter of Jairus (Matthew 9:18) and to give health to the sick (Luke 6:19).

B5-Come-to-Me  B6--Sermon-on-the-Mount  B7-Entry-into-Jerusalem  B8-The-Last-Supper

5. “Come to Me”: The Flowers of the Field

6. Sermon on the Mount:  Rocks & Hands Clasped in Prayer. Rock sometimes symbolizes CHRIST, sometimes the Church. Clasped hands – prayer gesture that is a symbol of obedience, submission, sincerity and repentance.

7. Entry into Jerusalem: Branches of Palm. Palm represents Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the event that heralded his coming Passion and crucifixion.

8. The Last Super: Cup and the Bread. The chalice is a symbol of Holy Communion and the forgiveness of sin won by Christ’s blood shed on the cross. The Lord’s Supper is symbolized by a chalice of wine with the bread rising above it.

B9-Jesus-b4-PP  B10-Crucifixion  B11-Resurrection  B12-Ascension  B13-Pentecost

9. Jesus before Pontius Pilate: Wash Basin

10. Crucifixion: Spear, Sponge, Dice

11. Resurrection Sun and Bells. The sun is often used as a symbol for Christ, especially as a prophetic symbol.
The bell is symbolic of the call to worship and the proclamation of the gospel to the world.

12. Ascension Cloud – an appearance of the divine.

13. Pentecost: Tongues of Fire: Tongues of Fire are symbolic of the Holy Spirit and His anointing and power.

West Wall
(Note: North to South-the other panels are south to north)

W1-Creation    W2-Paradise    W3-Flood    W4-Jacob's-Altar

1. Creation: Heaven and Earth, 5 pointed star is the star of Bethlehem. Shaped roughly like a human being, it represents Jesus’ incarnation. Green plants -life – and rocks – earth.

2. Paradise: Tree and Fruits. Tree of Life represents the immaculate state of humanity free from corruption and Original Sin before the Fall.

3. Flood: Ark of Noah. Rain is a symbol for tears, sorrow, anger, cleansing, renewal, forgiveness. Noah’s ark symbolised God’s judgment on sin and His promise of salvation and provision for His people.

4. Jacob’s Altar to God: Altar signified the place of sacrifice.

W5-Flaming-Bush  W6-Manna  W7-Crossing-the-Red-Sea  W8-Moses-Striking-Rock

5. The Flaming Bush:  Old Testament symbol of God’s revelation of Himself.

6. Manna: Symbol of the Eucharistic food, which is true “bread from heaven”, and “bread of life” .

7. Crossing the Red Sea: What God did through Moses was to provide physical salvation from physical slavery. What God does through Christ is provide spiritual salvation from a spiritual slavery.

8.  Moses Striking the Rock: God told Moses that he was to speak to the rock, but instead Moses struck the rock two times. Obedience/

        W9-Last-4-Commandments  W10-1-6-Commandmments  W11-Candelabra  W12-Ark-of-Covenant

9. Commandments: Last 4 Commandments. Refers to mans relations to his neighbors.

10.  Commandments:  First 6 Commandments. Usually portrayed three on the left. The first which refer to people’s relationship with God. The last refer to people’s relationships with others.

11. Candelabra with 7 Branches: The seven-branched candlestick, often called a “menorah,” is used by Christians to represent the Holy Spirit and its seven gifts: wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear of the Lord, and delight in the Lord.

12. The Ark of the Covenant: The ark of the covenant was the chief artifact of the tabernacle, the place where God dwelt and where his glory shone.

13. Psalms: Triangle – symbolic representation of the Trinity.

14. Trumpet: A symbol of the Last Judgment, the resurrection, and the call to worship.

15. Cloud (Isaiah) and the Hand of God: Cloud – an appearance of the divine. The hand of God (Manus Dei) is used as a symbol of God the Father. It was virtually the only symbol for God used during the first eight centuries of the church.

Other Churches in Washington State with artwork from Gabriel Loire Studio of Chartres, France

Saint Thomas Catholic Church
324 N.E. Oak Dalle 1965 à 1970 16 baies 44 m²

Holy Family Parish Catholic Church
1102 Chestnut Street
Funk, Murray & Johnson arch Dalle 1963 11 baies 47 m²

Mater Cleri Seminary Chapel
Funk, Murray & Johnson arch Dalle 1964 22 baies 47 m²

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
320 N. Maple Street
D. Murray arch Dalle 1971 13 baies 19 m²

First Baptist Church

1616 Pacific Avenue
Durham, Anderson & Freed arch Dalle 1959 à 1961 66 baies 80 m²

Blessed Sacrament Church
Chemin de croix en bois 1955

Lutheran Bible Institute of Chicago
Providence Heights College Chapel
4221-228 th Avenue S.E.
Pine Lake Campus Dalle 1960 14 baies 220 m²
+ Chemin de croix en mosaïque 1960

Saint Edward Seminary Catholic Chapel
Chemin de croix en bois 1955

Saint Rose de Viterbo Catholic Church
2571 Nichols Boulevard
E.L. Mills arch Dalle 1959 2 baies 44 m²

Saint John’s Episcopal Church
Young, Richardson & Carleton arch
Dalle 1958 à 1964 36 baies 42 m²

First Methodist Church
D.E. Paine arch Dalle 1962 2 baies 7 m²

Saint Catherine’s Catholic Church
814 E., 85 th
J.M. Klontz arch Dalle 1959 1 baie 21 m²

First Presbyterian Church
7 th & Spring Street
Mandeville & Berge arch Dalle 1961 2 baies 34 m²

Saint Alphonsus Church
5816, 15 th Avenue, N.W. Dalle 1961 24 baies 202 m²

Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
North 415 Alberta Street
Funk, Murray & Johnson arch Dalle 1960-1961 24 baies 133 m²

Cowley Memorial Youth Building, Westminster
Congrenational Church
4 th & Washington Street
E. Molander ach Dalle 1962 5 baies 9 m²

Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral
1115 W. Riverside Avenue
Funk, Murray & Johnson arch Dalle 1971 1 baie 5 m²

Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic Church
5715, 108 Street, S.W. Dalle 1955 4 baies 1 m²

Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church
14601 A. Street
E.L. Mills arch Dalle 1958-1960 2 baies 10 m²

Mason Methodist Church
Madison at 27 th Street
Durham, Anderson & Freed arch Dalle 1959 8 baies 49 m²

Marymount Military Academy Chapels
E.L. Mills arch Dalle 1962-1964 34 baies 34 m²

Annie Wright Episcopal Seminary Chapel
Dalle 1964 8 baies 13 m²

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church
Mac Coy & Bradbury arch Dalle 1957-61, 67-68, 72 18 baies 35 m²

First Methodist Church
33 Road at Main Street
Durham, Anderson & Freed arch Dalle 1964, 1968 7 baies 18 m²

Saint Paul’s Cathedral
1208 W. Chestnut Avenue
T.F. Hargis arch Dalle 1959-1960 40 baies 32 m²

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